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I would like singing lessons with RONNI 

Thank you for considering singing lessons with Ronni!

To ensure I meet your preferences and availability, please take a moment to complete the questionnaire below.

Kindly note that while completing the questionnaire does not guarantee a specific lesson time slot, I am committed to accommodating as many preferences as possible.   In cases where your preferred options are unavailable, I will offer alternative solutions or add you to our waiting list.  Rest assured, I'll keep you updated on available slots, and reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, considering everyone's varying availability.

Your proactive decision to seek guidance in nurturing your singing is truly valued, and I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to assist you in refining your skills.

Application form for Singing Lessons

About the singer(s)

Tick the box or boxes that apply best to your singing preferences.

I am interested 

In Person or Online Lessons

More Information

Write any other information we should know about or requests in the comments box below.  


"I would like to expand my repertoire and I am studying a degree in Musical Theatre"      


"In person lessons work best for me and but I would be happy to try online lessons with some guidance."


“I would prefer to have online private singing lessons due to my location and for convenience but it would also be lovely to have the occasional in-person lesson too if possible.” 

Tell us this kind of information here as this might make the difference in a new class opening or not.  


Please let us know your availability.   Note: the most popular after school/work lessons and classes are currently held Monday to Wednesday & Saturdays and get filled quickly.  There is more availability during the daytime for adults, students with daytime availability and home educated children for online and in-person lessons.


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