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Individual services terms detailed below

FAQ Lessons I can not attend

REGULAR PRIVATE & PAYG/AD HOC SINGING LESSONS Terms of Service & Cancellation Policy (Updated Sept 2023)

Your booked lessons will be confirmed and invoice for online and in-person lessons at the beginning of each half term and they will continue to be reserved until you let us know any different.  

Price of Private Lessons

  • Private Tuition with RONNI BAILEY cost: £20 per 30 minutes lesson, £30 per 45 minutes lesson, £40 per hour lesson. 

  • Performers Master Class - in small groups with Ronni Bailey £15 per hour (unless a part of another offer)  

Teaching locations 

​Your teaching location will be confirmed in your half termly invoice for regular bookings or via the online booking system.  If you are ever unsure please don't hesitate to contact who will be happy to confirm for you.

Regular teaching locations include:

  • The StoweAway, East Wichel Community Centre, Staldon Road, Swindon, SN1 7AG, England

  • Legge House, Church Hill, Wroughton, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 9JS.  

  • Ultimate Studios Rear of 60 Eastcott Hill, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 3JB

  • Online Via Zoom 

Online Lessons -  Be prepared for your lesson

We can only take responsibility for technology at our side of the online lesson but we can help advise you with of the best set ups we find work for the success of your singing lesson online.   Please read our online set up guide with tips and advise to get best prepared for your online lessons. Please contact us in good time in advance of your booked lesson if you need any extra help or need to do a quick 5 minute test to join up on Zoom.  With time and availability Ronni will be happy to organise this with you.

Payment of fees

All regular lessons booked with RONNI need to be paid for.  Fees are payable at the beginning of each half term.   If the advance total payment is problematic for anyone, we are more than happy to look at payments in instalments however all lessons booked for that half term will need to be paid for if attended or not.   In the circumstances that RONNI (including assistant teachers) has to cancel any lesson for any reason, you will be offered an alternative lesson time / day or credited accordingly. 

How to pay

Payments can be made in cash (in a sealed named envelope preferably please) or they can be paid direct to the following account.

If paying direct please email or text Ronni as payment is made so we can check for receipt of the payment. 


Mobile: 07899698762



Payments can also be made on our website  via  Debit, Credit Card & PayPal or at checkout or via the payment link in your invoices. Any requests for bookings will become valid only once e have confirmed availability and once payment is received by the due date. None receipt of payment may result in your booking being cancelled.   

Cancellation of regular booked lessons

Students that book regular weekly and bi-weekly lessons will be expected to give 4 weeks notice for final cancellation of their regular booked singing lessons please.    Please see FAQ below for occasional cancellations.


PAYG/Ad-Hoc Lessons 

Ronni Bailey offers PAYG/ad-hoc lessons as her schedule allows.   These are occasional bookings reserved and paid for individually.  Payable online or in cash on the day.  Please let Ronni know if you intend to pay cash on the day and be respectful that we do not ask for a deposit on the understanding that payment will be made.  If in the unfortunate event you can not make your booked PAYG lesson, please remember this time slot has been reserved especially for you and please pay the fees online accordingly. 


Cancellation of PAYG lessons

You can cancel your booking up to two weeks in advance of your booked lesson for a full refund.  However within 2 weeks of your individual PAYG booked lesson date, each lesson is expected to be paid for once the reservation has been made as this individual time and date has been reserved especially for you and not offered to anyone else, the venue will have been reserved and other lessons will have been planned around your booking.  Please see FAQ if you can not attend your booked lesson.   

Extra show rehearsals for Private Students

Private singing students that are required to attend any group rehearsals leading up to a live performance will be informed of the rehearsal dates as appropriate. Fees and these rehearsals will be payable separately from your regular booked lessons invoice.   The fees may be variable depending on length of rehearsals and are charged at a reduced fee of £5 per hour payable direct in cash to Ronni Bailey if not included in your invoice.   

Photos & Recordings

Occasionally photos & recordings are taken during lessons and during shows or performances with RONNI

You can request not to be included in any recordings or photos taken.

With the students permission we sometimes use a photo or recording for the following:

  • to send to students/parents to use at home - for practice or self analysis. 

  • for teacher analyse, occasionally as appropriate these may be discuss with other vocal professional colleagues (this is always treated privately, in a sensitive manner and in the best interest of students development.)

  • to promote or advertise services with RONNI (prior to or following a show or performance with RONNI)

F.A.Q. Do I have to pay for lessons I can not attend?  

Our terms as above and like many standard regular booked activities, informs you that all pre regular booked lessons are expected to be paid for at the beginning of each term and this is the case if you an attend all the booked lessons or not. This is not considered a pay as you go booking service.   PAYG bookings are also expected to be paid for once the individual reservation has been made but these are for individual dates rather than an ongoing reservation. 


To help you understand further, the business has commitments despite if the students attend for a particular weeks lesson or not and arrangements are made around the booking times.   And these business commitments are made based off the expected bookings at the beginning of each term and for each individual weeks bookings.    And even though it sounds like you should just be able to fill the space easily, (and occasionally it does work that way - but more often than not it can be problematic) it definitely isn’t that easy and just because there is a space that becomes available,  it does not necessarily mean that another students wanting a lesson can get there on that day or time and it can effect other students bookings around yours.   It also takes up an awful lot of  time emailing and texting backwards and forwards to try to re arrange classes and to accommodate everyones personal situations.  RONNI will always try to accommodate and does wherever possible, within reason and balancing her own work and family commitments, and does offer alternatives regularly where we can as a good will gesture.

F.A.Q. Can I carry lessons over?   

As a rule, lessons are not carried over, as this would become a logistical nightmare with the amount of absences that occur for varying reasons over the year.  (Illness, holidays, school or family events that clash etc) However, where Ronni or your regular teacher has some extra availability that week (i.e if an other student is absent or if there is availability at the studio on a different day) RONNI has and will offer you an alternative option accordingly where it is possible.   However this is as a good will gesture and not a guarantee, and can only be offered as schedules allow.  


We do understand that not everyone can or wants to agree to these terms which is why we are clear from the offset before you make any regular bookings and agree to our terms of service and to avoid awkward conversations at a later date.  

Ronni hopes this gives clarity as to why all regular booked lessons are required to be paid for in advance.


Other Private Singing Lessons
Singing Lessons


Singing Group | Terms of Service & Cancellation Policy.




Held at The Parish Hall or Legge House in Wroughton, Swindon TBC.  

  • Childrens groups rehearsals  55 min sessions in general unless a double session has been organised.

  • Adult group rehearsals are 1 hr sessions in general unless a double session has been organised. 

Term dates & start times and if there are any longer rehearsals scheduled will be confirmed each term/half herm.


2022/2023 MEMBERSHIP FEES  - £300 per year.   

£100 TERM 1 AUTUMN TERM September, October, November, December.(CHRISTMAS) 

£100 TERM 2 SPRING TERM Jan, February, March (EASTER) 

£100 TERM 3 SUMMER TERM April, May, June, July (SUMMER)

Member ship fees cover rehearsals are over 3 terms - 34 weeks with 4 extra sessions included in the membership fees for double rehearsals leading up to performances.   Any additional costs, uniforms t-shirt (coming soon), wardrobe or outfit costs, other activities or extra sessions beyond what is included in the membership will be charged separately as needed. 


Paying your Fees

Fees are payable in advance or by the first session of each full term please.   

CASH PAYMENTS can be handed direct to Ronni Bailey in an envelope, sealed, named, dated and the amount enclosed during the first session of the term please.    

OR ONLINE PAYMENTS can be made direct to:  ACCOUNT NO: 57081068  SORT CODE: 309841 ACC NAME: RONSTARS

If anyone has difficulty paying the new membership fees in full on time, please get in touch so we can discuss options.  


Discounted membership OFFER for 2022 for Students who have booked regular private singing lessons and also want to be a member of the children's singing group.   Weekly booked private singing lessons for the same term as the group can receive 50% off the group membership fees.  Bi-Weekly regular lessons when booking the group for the same term can receive 25% off the membership fees.  Get in touch to enquire about using this offer for your child.

Photos & Recordings

Photos, video and audio recordings are sometimes taken during lessons and during out shows or performances with RONNI and used as memories for our singers and for publicity and promotional purposes at RONNI.

You can request not to be included in these recordings or photos and let us know accordingly.

Cancellation of membership  

Cancellation of your membership requires a months notice before the start of a new term please

Studio DR Recording T&Cs

STUDIO DR | Recording Sessions | Terms of Service & Cancellation Policy (Jan 2023)

Studio Recording Hourly rate

Our hourly rate for solo vocal recording sessions are charged at £60 per hour which include hire of Studio DR team, control room and vocal recording booth.  We can also tailor sessions for your recording needs and therefore prices may vary but will be agreed in advance before booking.   Please note : Musicians/Band recording sessions are priced separately and quotes are advised individually depending on each  recording project and bookings made and are usually but not restricted to in 3 hour sessions.  


Backing Tracks

We can provide backing tracks for your recording session or your can bring one of your own.  This should be organised in good time in advance of your recording session please.

Under 18s

Singers under 18 should be accompanied by a responsible adult/parent or guardian and permission given for recording to commence.

What if I run out of time during my session?

Each client/singers recording session is different and sometimes recording sessions take longer than expected.  We will always try to get you the very best quality recording we can within your budget your and your booked time, however if time is running short we will advise you and give you the choice to either run over (if our team are able to) with your session (and at a the pro rata hour rate), book another session on another date or come to a point where you are happy for us to mix and master your recording and finish on time. 

How to pay

Payments can be made in cash (in a sealed named envelope handed directly to Ronni Bailey only please) or they can be paid direct online either from the invoice or to the below account.   If paying to the account below please email or text Ronni as payment is made so we can check for receipt of the payment. 


Mobile: 07899698762


Payments can also be made on our website  by Debit, Credit Card & PayPal or at checkout you can also tick pay manually and make a direct payment transfer to the account above as described.  You booking will become valid only one payment is received. None receipt of payment may result in your booking being cancelled.   

Cancellations of booking

If in the unfortunate event you need to cancel, up to 1 week before your booking date, we will try our best re arrange your booking for another date.   However cancellation of bookings within 1 week of your booked date are expected to be paid for and refunds are not given as this time has been reserved especially for you.  The booking/reservation payment pays for the studio rooms required along with the time scheduled in for all of our professional Studio DR team involved.  



Including: Pop Star Parties, Mini Star Parties, Adult Celebration Parties, Work Parties, Hen/Stag Parties, Other Studio Parties.



Each party booking is based on a basic starting fee.  E.g. A Pop Star Party2hr party for up to 8 guests including the birthday person = Basic cost.  Parties are then tailored to each individual booking therefor the total payment for each booking may vary and will be confirmed once agreed and tailored to your needs with any optional extra add-ons as to your requirements.

e.g. Extra guests, Extra CDs, Microphone Neckless or inflatables.


Studio recording time, online party invites with practice links and lyrics for your guests, hire of live recording/party room, professional vocal coach/party host, studio producer and MP3 master of your recording which you can share with your guests.    Within this time the guests concentrate on recording a favourite song of their choice.  There will be time for a break where you are welcome to bring along any food/nibbles and drinks you want your guests to have, picnic style.  We quite often sing happy birthday with a cake if you wish to bring one also at this point.     The last section of the party when our producer is mixing and producing your CD(s),    Guests can either watch the mixing process in the studio control room whilst continuing to enjoy any refreshments you bring or enjoy a disco dance or sing along to music in the party live room.   



Once a studio party booking date and time have been agreed, a non refundable deposit of £60 will be required to secure the booking. The deposit pays towards to preparation of party invites and online practice tracks, deposits to secure the hire of the venue, Studio Producer and Party Host/Vocal Coach.  The deposit in non refundable should you cancel the booking.



Once a studio party booking is agreed, deposit and song choice received by us, we will prepare and and send you an online PARTY INVITE with lyric sheets and practice track links for you to forward to your guests so they can practice the song in advance of the party.  Knowing the song will make things run much smoother on the day and get the best out of the recording party.



Please text or email when any online payments have been made so we can check for receipt of them.  

Account Name: RONNI

Account Number: 57081068 

Sort Code: 309841



In addition to the £60 deposit, the remainder of the agreed party fee will be required to be paid in full in advance of the party either online or handed direct to Ronni Bailey on the day of the party. (preferably in a sealed, named envelope please)



Photos are sometimes taken during the party.  Please let us know if anyone or parents of children attending do not wish to have photos taken during the party.  You can tell us on your booking form or email us direct:   When a good photo shot it taken, it is sometimes used to promote the Studio DRs parties.

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