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Many of you will be looking forward to the return of your in person lessons again soon and we are working towards this, however for some of you online lessons remain the best option either due to location or convenience.    There is no right or wrong answer, but just what suits you best.  


Please complete the questionnaire below to give us a clearer understanding of your preferences and availability and so we can provide the best balance of services going forwards to accommodate you.

Post Lockdown Singing Lessons Questionnaire

Tick the box or boxes that apply best to your singing lessons going forwards at this point with a view to what suits you best once in-person lessons start again.

In Person or Online Lessons

Location of our teaching studio

Our Studio DR recording services at RONNI are planned to return to the studios at the bottom of Eascotte Hill near Regents Circus as before lockdown.    Our in person one to one singing lessons teaching services may return there, however there is the possibility we may need to relocate to a new location based on a number of factors involved, including what the government advises over the forthcoming weeks.   

I am aware any changes in the teaching studio location could also effect your travelling time to get there.   If in the event I do need to find an alternative space for the one to one teaching,  please indicate which areas below are most convenient to you or let us know approximately where you are travelling from, ie Chiseldon, North Swindon, Wooton Bassett etc. 

Teaching Studio Location


Please let us know your availability and base your answers as if travelling to our pre lockdown teaching & recording studio location until any other information is available.  Please note that not all days below will have availability in person.


Thank you, your information been submitted.

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